FurnitureLab teams up with local artists to tell our stories.

In the Spring of 2020, like the rest of the planet, our team was brainstorming ways to connect with our customers remotely and safely in spite of our distance. Emails were not cutting it and we missed the liveliness of in-person meetings. Virtual meetings and webinars are great, but how could we add a little personality?

Our best idea: Hire local actors and comedians to tell our product stories in video format.

FurnitureLab loves supporting local arts and artists in our North Carolina community. We faithfully donate to the Carrboro ArtsCenter and other creative ventures every year. With most live performances on hold for so long, we thought a safe soundstage with strict protocols might be an appealing--and much needed--gig for our most talented neighbors.

Even better, we worked in collaboration with the brain trust at Storyboard Media in Durham, NC to add their signature polish and pizazz. 

Can furniture product details be fun, even a little funny? You be the judge. 

Chairs and Stools

Booth Seating

Table Tops

Table Bases