The History of FurnitureLab Commercial Dining Furniture | FurnitureLab

About the History of FurnitureLab

FurnitureLab was born from a place where we connect, bond, and gather after a long day: the kitchen table.

The year was 1988. Artist Greg Rapp and his architect wife, Bryna Rapp, had just moved into their first San Francisco apartment. In need of a kitchen table, the creative duo decided they could build their own. And that’s what they did, using their own tools and ingenuity. What they didn’t know at the time was that they had also built the beginning of a business.

Inspired by what they had made, the couple’s bedroom became a makeshift woodshop. There, Greg worked to hone his carpentry skills, while Bryna tweaked the designs. The beauty of the table was that it was the perfect platform to express their skills—architecture, woodworking, and silk-screening. More significantly, the project brought the couple’s young family closer together. Anxious to share what they had created with others, Greg and Bryna turned the hobby into a business, named it Home on the Range, and began selling to galleries nationwide.

Fast forward to 1990, when the Rapps relocated to North Carolina. There, Greg and Bryna continued growing the business steadily, not knowing their big break was right around the corner. One of their customers had opened a local restaurant and was seeking tabletops with pictures of her dogs. More than a work opportunity, this was a lightbulb moment. A project of this scale was a perfect commercial application for their process.

Soon after, the couple headed to Chicago’s famous National Restaurant Association trade show. That’s where things really took off. They met with restaurant owners, hotels, even Disney executives—all interested in the unique skills they could bring to the table.

Many years, a name change, and countless design trends later, FurnitureLab produces tables, chairs, and booths for the contract furniture industry across the country. The company has grown substantially, added people, and won awards, but it all traces back to that original kitchen table—the first piece that was ever Crafted to Connect.