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FurnitureLab price list information.

If you need Delivered Pricing for contract purposes, you can find it here at this link.

Below is our 2021 price list for reference. Please contact your account manager with any questions.

FurnitureLab published pricing is also handled at the product page level, on each Spec Sheet PDF. All Spec Sheets with pricing can also be found here.

Published January 25, 2021.



Any post-publication changes to pricing or specifications will be listed below. Individual spec sheets are correct at the product page level.

2/24/2021: The Belfast Seating Series spec sheet has corrected dimensions.

3/5/2021: All TrueBlock Tabletop spec sheets and product descriptions have all been corrected to reflect that they are made of wood strips that are 7/8" wide, each cut running the full table length (not varying lengths).

3/24/2021: Salerno Seating and Salerno XL Seating both have a 50 unit minimum.

3/24/2021: Slight layout adjustments have been made to the Deco Seating Series spec sheet.

4/16/2021: Corrected spider sizes for the Juno MonoLift table base series have been added to the spec sheet.

6/18/2021: Added the Arca Seating Series as a new product.