The beating heart of campus.

The Perkins Student Center was in need of a refresh. Usually colleges look to us for customizable graphic laminates with mascots, seals, or logos, but the design here took a different direction. We're seeing this a lot--higher ed is getting more high end, more stylish, more in line with a residential/hospitality look to attract and retain the best students.

We provided the cheerful, comfortable booth seating thoughout the space, with kiln-dried hardwood frames and steel-spring construction, proudly made in the USA.

Because we offer expert space planning and free 3D renders, after careful analysis of the floor plan, our team was alble to specify the ideal locations for the integrated power outlets in each banquette. As a result, the power and USB outlets all coordinated perfectly with the table placement and electrical plan. Also, the facility requested a custom booth design with a removable panel for utility access--we built it exactly to spec and it fit like a glove!