An institution that is state of the art--with a lot of heart.

You don't need FurnitureLab to tell you how impressive University of California, Davis is--the school's reputation in the fields of tech, agriculture, and science has preceeded it since its founding in 1905. 

But did you know that during finals, UC Davis partners with the local SPCA to bring in certified therapy dogs and rescue pets to help students de-stress? Or that they provide students with a “Campus Nap Map” that tells you where there are hammocks on the quad, and many other ideal places to catch a few ZZZs?

It takes a lot to create a thriving, happy campus community and we are so thrilled to have collaborated on 30+ UC Davis projects since 1999, from dining halls to arcades to student centers to student housing to study zones. But we are most proud to have likely facilitated a nap or two on our Jupiter Booths.