Innovative interactive spaces.

What's more important than giving children a positive start in their academic lives? At Dr. Sarah Jandrucko Early Learners Academy, young Texans enjoy four hands-on education zones called "experiences." Instead of a formal classroom in each zone there is a colorful collaboration area, inspiring the kind of interactive play that encourages learning.

Our NeoCast laminate table tops are perfect for these collaborative spaces. Ready for high-traffic environments--and sticky fingers, these 60x72 tops have a resilient urethane edge--soft to the touch, easy on chairs and walls. The bumper-style edge is bonded and seamless, so crumbs and smears are easily cleaned. The racetrack shape enables kids to squeeze in to share their latest exciting findings, and our versatile Horizon Base Series can come at any height for little ones to best utilize the surface--these were specified at "kid counter height" but we can customize to whatever the need is.

These are not only surfaces for learning and collaborating, but eating too. These four spaces perform double duty as cafeterias too! Truly multipurpose furniture for innovative education.