We're all looking for ways to help right now. We also recognize this is a challenging time in our industry.

Here's our idea: For the forseeable future, FurnitureLab will donate $25 to FEEDING AMERICA, for every dealer or A&D team webinar--or online meeting!--that we host. These funds are sent directly to food banks throughout the US. 

Webinars are our way to stay connected to you and make a difference, plus you can attend from the comfort of your desk, wherever that may be these days. If our team can't physically visit and bring you lunch right now, let's buy some lunches for those in need, and support the members of our communities most affected by COVID-19.

2023 UPDATE: Thanks to our wonderful community of dealers and designers, we have been able to make over $30K in donations to this fantastic organization since March 2020.

2020 webinars enabled us to donate about $7000, and in 2021, we donated $13,550. For 2022, we gave more than $10k. We'd love to do even more in 2023!

We are really proud we found a way to connect with our customers in a way that truly aids vulnerable communities in need of essential food all over the country.

Because dining spaces are our specialty at FurnitureLab, eliminating hunger and food insecurity is a cause that is very close to all of our hearts. Feeding America does truly great work.

We are so thankful for everyone's ongoing participation in this program!

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