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GSA approved and regional commercial furniture contract information.

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GSA Schedule

Contract Number: GS-27F-0010N
PDF Download: FurnitureLab GSA Contract Details


State & Regional Contracts

Alabama State Contract 
T390 Furniture Contract
Contract No. MA 999 17000000150
Valid through 02/28/2022

University of Alabama Contract 
Contract No. T054514
Valid through 02/28/2022

Arizona State Contract 
Contract No. ADSPO18-211711
Valid through 8/31/2021

Arkansas State Contract 
Contract No. SP-20-0120
Valid through 5/31/2023

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract
Contract No. 4-17-71-0164A
Valid through 1/21/2023

Connecticut State Contract
Contract No. 15PSX0041
Valid through 6/30/2023

Furniture and Accessories
Contract No. 20/21-01
Valid through 7/1/2022

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) 
Contract No. MC12-C07
Valid through 7/31/2023
Link to MHEC Details

Massachusetts State Contract
Contract No. OFF38
Valid through 4/14/2021

Mississippi State Contract
Contract No. 8200051818
Valid through 6/30/2021

New Mexico
Contract No. 70-000-17-00053
Valid through 1/21/2023

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)
Furniture and Storage
Contract No. 031715-SCC
Valid through 8/1/2024
Limited Dealer Network

NY State Contract
Contract No. PC68404
Valid through 12/1/2023
PDF Download: Authorized Retailers

North Carolina State Contract #420-00 Furniture
Contract No. 201800242
Valid through 6/30/2022

PA State Contract
Contract No. 4400016650 
Valid through 4/30/2022
Contract is available to COSTARS members

SC State Contract
Contract No. 4400022661 
Valid through 12/05/2024
Link to Delivered Contract Pricing

TIPS - Furniture, Furnishings and Service
Contract No. 200301
Valid through 5/22/2023

TIPS - Commercial Cafeteria Equipment
Contract No. 201101
Valid through 1/26/2024

University of Wisconsin Contract
Contract No. 18-5665
Valid through 9/30/2022