Dealer Software


FurnitureLab™ wants to make it easy for you to specify the best seating options for breakrooms and cafeterias. We're the only company in this arena with comprehensive catalogs with tables, chairs and booth seating in both these platforms. Now that our product line is at your fingertips, it's easier than ever!


If you haven't worked with us before, here are the top 3 reasons to make the switch:

  • Comprehensive line with booths, tables, and chairs

  • Best warranty in our category (10 years)

  • Free CAD services for space planning and hi-res renderings


Catalog Downloads

The complete catalog is available on 2020 Technologies and ProjectMatrix. Download our current catalogs below.

We are also on MyResourceLibrary.


General information regarding Dealer Software

  • For discount info, questions about products/capabilities, or really support of any kind: Click here to connect with your account manager

  • Shipping: See below Freight Program to calculate the cost

  • Products: All of our products are included; for pricing of any special size or shape item not covered here, please connect with your account manager for a quote

  • TBD's: Our product descriptions include TBD's which indicate items that need further specification like a laminate selection or stain choice

The complete FurnitureLab catalog is available on ProjectMatrix. Download our current catalog.

The complete FurnitureLab catalog is available on 2020 Technologies. Download our current catalog.

To calculate freight, multiply the Total List price for the order by the zone percentage shown to the left.

• If Total List amount is less than $3,000, add $150 to the calculated freight.
• If Total List amount is greater than $20,000, contact customer service for a quote.

Example: A quote with a Total List price of $2500 that is shipping to Zone 2 would be calculated as follows: $2500 x 6.5% = $162.50 + $150 = $312.50