Rover Base Series | FurnitureLab

Introducing your personal everything station. Work, eat, and meet safely on with a perfectly proportioned table you can customize, personalize, and sanitize.

Casters and FlipTop mechanism for easy mobility and storage, LiftOff adjustable height mechanism for versatility.

Use any FurnitureLab 24x30 tabletop.


Column Size: 2.75”
Spider Size: 8”
Base Plate Spread: 18x30”
Standard Height (fixed & flip): 27.75”
Height Range:

  • LiftOff 26”-43.75”
  • LiftOff Casters 26.75”-44.25” LiftOff FlipTop 29”-46.75”
  • LiftOff FlipTop Casters 29.5”-47.25”

Materials - Column, Spider & Base Plate: Steel

Recommended weight limit: 55 lbs

Locking Casters available

For quantities fewer than 4, please call for pricing


These special shape tops are specific to Rover, and are available with most of our tabletop lines and edge types, except for NeoCast Urethane Edge Tops. 

These fall within a 24x30" maximum dimension for this base.

Need something different or custom? Connect with us and let us know what you have in mind!


How to Buy
Contact us for pricing and other inquiries.