The Kennedy chair has been a proven top seller over the years.

Its deceptively simple silhouette allows for creativity with unlimited stain options and laser etching.


Width 16”
Depth 19”
Overall Height 32.5”
Seat Height 19”
Seat Depth 16”
Graphic etch area: 1.75 x 8”


Width 18”
Depth 20”
Overall Height 43”
Seat Height 31”
Seat Depth 16”
Graphic etch area: 1.75 x 8”


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FurnitureLab's printed pricing reflects use of Omnova Boltaflex Colorguard Vinyl wherever a "vinyl" grade is mentioned for seating or booths. This material is also assumed on all standard booth seat pricing. If you want to specify a different material on a booth seat, we can happily grade it in--just ask.


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