Most Cleanable Seating | FurnitureLab

And the award goes to...

With public safety at the forefront of everyone's mind, we all need durable products we can easily santitize over and over. Our Porter Series and Stella Metal Back Series are our favorite seating options for these challenging times.

Both have tough powdercoated steel frames that can withstand frequent wipedowns, and if you add a handhold cutout to the back of the Stella, you create an identifiable high-touch zone for targeted cleaning. 

We recommend upholstered seats in FurnitureLab's standard Boltaflex Colorguard Vinyl with PreFixx® protection, which is strong enough to endure the rigors of disinfection and sterilization in an array of gorgeous colors with little to no discoloring or damage to the finish. Full Boltaflex specs and cleaning info can be downloaded here at this link.