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GSA Information

All of our standard products are currently on GSA contract. If you have any questions about our GSA contract, please contact our sales team.

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State Contract Information
Listed below are our current state contracts as of 6/21/2015. If you have any questions about these contracts or other states, please contact our sales team.

Alabama State Contract
T390 Furniture Contract
Contract No. MA 999 17000000150
Valid through 02/28/2022

University of Alabama Contract
Contract No. T054514
Valid through 02/28/2022

Arkansas State Contract
Cafeteria Furniture
Contract No. SP-13-0230R
Valid through 12/31/2017

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract
Contract No. 4-17-71-0164A
Valid Thru 4-30-2018

Connecticut State Contract
Contract No. 15PSX0041
Valid through 6/30/2020

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)A
Contract No. MC11-C07
Valid through 6/30/2018

Massachusetts State Contract
Contract No. OFF38
Valid through 4/14/2018

Mississippi State Contract
Contract No. 8200018767
Valid through 6/30/2017

North Carolina State Contract #420A
Contract No. 2014000059
Valid through 12/31/2017

PA State Contract
Contract No. 4400009815
Valid through 4/30/2017
Contract is available to COSTARS members

South Carolina Contract
Contract No. 4400006151
Valid Through 12/4/2017Click here for Pricelist Information

Wisconsin State Contract
Contract No. 505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-42
Valid through 8/14/2017

Contract No. TXMAS-6-711110110
Valid through 1/31/2018

FurnitureLab is on Contract No. 2012215
Valid through 1/22/2018

University of Wisconsin Contract
Contract No. 10-5665
Valid through 9/30/2017

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